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About us

Shengzhou Yahao necktie & Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 because of the love of fine fabrics and clothing, attention to detail and years of experience to increase the number of our customers year by year.

Our products are completed by experienced workers and our products include ties,suspenders cufflinks,vests,scarves, boxes, gift boxes. Our series of products are presented on the website one by one.

We also produce ties and scarves for some elementary schools, middle schools, universities, clubs, companies, etc.

We can according to customer requirements, supporting production, supporting packaging, can enable customers to reduce labor costs and can be directly on the shelf sales.

We quickly and accurately implement our customers' ideas through professional and flexible service and fast presentation of high-quality products and enable them to fulfill orders with the most modern technology.



Contact: Wendy

Phone: 15167559522

Tel: 86-575-83269133

Email: wendyguo@yahaonecktie.com

Add: Tongde north area13-14,Xiazhongxi Village,Shengzhou,Zhejiang,China

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